Over the last couple of days of social distancing I spent some time working on a photostream site for some of my travel photos.

Whilst I usually post them on mine and my wife’s Instagram page iwantthewindowseat I’ve not found myself having the motivation to select an image, think of a caption, find hashtags and post at the best time for visibility as much as I used to.

I also wanted somewhere where copyright ownership wasn’t an issue. Much like this site is an archive of my ramblings and things I’ve worked on, I thought it would be cool to hav something similar for my photos.

This project was also a great opportunity to look at some of the newer browser features like lazy loading and leverage them - as of writing Firefox 74 is out and native lazy loading is due in Firefox 75. Native lazy loading is in chrome, the project uses a polyfill to bring lazy loading to older browsers.

Photo Stream

The project itself can be seen at iwantthewindowseat.netlify.com.

The code repository can be forked and cloned over here.

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I recently build my first site with Jigsaw and deployed it on Netlify.

As part of that project I had to get some data from the Instagram API and present a feed of the latest 5 images on the site.

Rather than dealing with CORS errors in javascript I wondered what I could get away with in PHP during the build phase on a statically generated site.

Would I be able to:

  • Query some form of public json endpoint
  • Find the urls for the latest 5 images
  • Download them locally resize them for efficiency
  • Display them using Jigsaw
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