The project im currently working on makes use of Spaties Event Projector package. Recently the team at Spatie upgraded the package to Version 2.

One of the changes that was made was to separate all storable events from regular events by moving them from the App\Events to a new App\StorableEvents folder. In moving the new stored events a new namespace of App\StorableEvents was created.

Whilst this isn’t a mandatory change, all new events classes created get in this new namespace and for the sake of keeping code organised, I wanted to move all of our other storable events to this new folder.
Light work until I wanted to replay my events. What I’d forgotten is that the fully qualified class names are stored on the stored_events table that the package uses.

No big deal I thought - ill just search for App\Events\% and replace with App\StorableEvents\%, how hard could that be in SQL? Turns out harder than I thought but not impossible…

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